You can find the complete rules changes for the 2019 season on the Little League website.

The District 2 summary is as follows:

  • Reg VI(a): Catcher moving to pitcher is limited to 20 pitches to be eligible to move back to the catcher position
  • Rule 1.10: Tee-Ball bats can only be used in the minor league with the use of Tee Balls
  • Rule 2.00: Dead Ball area clarified to be beyond any physical barrier, ie: fence, chalk line, etc.
  • Rule 8.02(a)(1): Pitcher may bring hands to their mouth inside the circle, just not on the pitching plate
  • Rule 8.06: Not considered a mound visit when manager makes pitching change, unless he/she speaks to a defensive player first
  • Tournament Regulation: Teams with less than 12 players, the team is limited to two (2) coaches in the dugout
  • Tournament Rule 14: Beginning in the 2nd extra inning, the last batter of the inning will begin the inning on 2nd base

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