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Idaho District 2 Little League

Idaho District 2 Little League


You can find the complete rules changes for the 2023 season on the Little League website.

The District 2 summary is as follows:

Significant Updates for 2023

Rules and Regulations

·      Regulation I(b) – The League: This permits a league’s Board of Directors to be comprised of no more than 75% of current team manager(s)/coach(es).

·      Regulation IV (c, Note 1) – The Players: Permits a player to participate in more than one affiliated Little League program, granted their home league does not offer an affiliated Little League Softball program.

·      Regulation IV(f) – The Players: This change requires players to attend one player evaluation event instead of 50% of the total number of events scheduled by the league.

·      Regulation VII(a) – Schedules; Tournament Organization – League Eligibility (Senior Division: Removes the mandatory minimum for number of regular season games for the Senior League Division of Baseball and Softball only.

·      Rule1.11(a)(3) – Arm Bands: Outlines the use of arm bands for the on-the-field play.
* The equipment must be worn as the manufacturer intended (i.e. on either the wrist or forearm.)
* The play calling band may not be attached to the belt or any other location on the player's person.
* Baseball and Softball pitchers are permitted to wear a play calling band on their non-pitching (glove) arm, 
provided it is a solid color and not white, gray, or optic yellow.  If the umpire considers it distracting to the 
batter, her/she may have it removed.

·      Rule 1.1(j) – Jewelry: Clarifies that hard items used to control hair are permitted for on-the-field play.

·      Rule 3.09(Regular Season only): This would aid in efforts to improve the pace of play by allowing adult coaches to warm up pitchers for the regular season only.

·      Rule 4.10(e)(Regular Season only): This would revise the run rule for all divisions of play during the regular season, adding an additional condition in which, if after five(5) innings [Intermediate (50-70) Division / Junior / Senior League : six(6) innings], four and one-half innings  [Intermediate (50-70) Division / Junior / Senior League : five and one-half innings], if the home team is ahead, one team has a lead of eight(8) runs or more, the manager of the team with the least runs shall concede the victory to the opponent.

·      Rule 6.08(a)(2) (Regular Season and Tournament Play): Expands the intentional walk from the Little League (Major) and Minor League Divisions into the Intermediate (50-70)/Junior League/Senior League Divisions.

·      Rule 6.08(a)(2) (Regular Season and Tournament Play): This revises the intentional walk rule so that a player may only be intentionally walked by announcing such decision to the plate umpire one time during the course of the game.  This would not restrict a team from throwing four balls outside of the strike zone to this batter at another time during the game.


·      Managers and Coaches in the Dugout: This would allow teams to have up to three eligible coaches permitted in the dugout regardless of tournament team roster size.

·      Managers and Coaches:Requires all tournament managers and coaches to complete the Little League Diamond Leader Training Program (

·      Tournament Organization – Player Eligibility (Senior Division): Provides flexibility to local leagues for the Senior Divisions of tournament play to place a player on a tournament team roster regardless of regular season participation.

·      Tournament Rule 3(d) – Special Pinch Runner/ Courtesy Runner: Updates the previous tournament pinch runner rule to apply for Senior Division only, while providing a courtesy runner option for all other divisions of tournament play.

·      Tournament Rule 9 – Mandatory Play: Replaces the previous tournament mandatory play rule with a continuous batting order requirement for all divisions of tournament play except for the Senior Division.


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