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You can find the complete rules changes for the 2021 season on the Little League website.
We've also left up the 2020 rule changes, as most did not get an opportunity to use these last season.

The District 2 summary is as follows:

2020 Rule Changes

  • 9.01(d) - Guidance on how to administer and rule regarding stealing and relaying of signs.
  • Tournament Guidelines - Managers and Coaches - Regular Season Intermediate Managers and Coaches may be selected to Manager or Coach a Majors Tournament Team
  • Tournament Guidelines - Player Eligibility - Permits age appropriate regular season players to play on age appropriate tournament teams, regardless of which division played in during the regular season

2021 Rule Changes

  • Regulation I(a), Note 3 - Participants league age 6 are permitted to advance to Minor League Player Pitch Division after participation in Tee Ball for one year. Players must be assessed by the league as capable of participation at that level.
  • Regulation I(a), Note 3 - The local league may allow 15-year-olds to participate in the Junior League Division for the regular season only if the player’s skill level is assessed appropriate for that division. A local league Board may prohibit the 15-year-olds from pitching in the Junior Division. (Interleague adopted for softball, not baseball)
  • Regulation I(a), Note 4 - The local league may allow 12-year-olds to participate in or dual roster in the Senior League Division. Players must be assessed by the league as capable of participation at that level. (Interleague adopted for softball, not baseball)
  • Regulation I(a), Note 4 (Softball) - The local league may allow 8-year-olds to participate in the Major Softball Division with District Administrator approval. Players must be assessed by the league as capable of participation at that level.
  • Regulation I(b) - Allows Player Agent to Manage, Coach or Umpire within their respective Division.
  • Regulation I(g) - Confirms participation in programs, outside of Little League, cannot use Little League funds or insurance.
  • Regulation III(a) - No team may have more than 15 players nor less than 10
  • EXCEPTION: Intermediate (50-70) Division/Junior/Senior: A league may roster up to 20 players if fielding only one regular season team.
  • EXCEPTION: There will be no minimum or maximum established at the Tee Ball and Minor League level
  • Regulation IV(i) - Revises mandatory play to require a player to run the bases after one at-bat, if they reach base, until they are retired, score, or the inning or game ends. During the International Tournament, a player removed prior to meeting the running portion of their Mandatory Play requirement will be treated as an improper substitute.
  • Regulation IV(i), Note 4 - If a league uses 15 to 20 player rosters and 15 or more eligible players are at a game, the league may reduce the Mandatory Play Rule to three (3) defensive outs and one (1) at bat per game. (Interleague adopted for both Baseball and Softball)
  • Regulation V(c) - Permits local leagues to utilize age-appropriate players from within the division or one age division below to create a player pool to be used when teams face a shortage of rostered players for a regular season game.
  • Regulation VII(d) - Permits a local league to schedule and play one (1) doubleheader for Minors and up to two (2) doubleheaders for Majors in a calendar week.
  • Regulation VII(h) - Allows a local league to establish time limits for games, regardless of number innings played, that will still qualify towards Regular Season games played and a player’s Tournament eligibility. 1hr 45min for Majors & below. 2hr for Intermediate & above. (Interleague: Softball Majors and below and Baseball Minors no new inning after 1hr45min, Softball Seniors and Baseball Majors no new inning after 2hrs. Baseball Intermediate and above no time limit, unless a double header, then 2hr30min drop dead on the first game.)
  • Regulation IX(a) - Permits Special Games to count towards team’s Regular Season schedule and player’s Tournament participation.
  • Regulation IX(c) - With the approval of the Charter Committee of Little League International, and on recommendation of the Regional Director and District Administrator, chartered leagues may engage in Special Games with Little League teams and/or non-Little League Teams, who have provided proof of acceptable insurance coverage as outlined in Regulation I(c)7.
  • Regulation XIV(b) - Requires the on-deck batter to be positioned in the on-deck circle closest their dugout in the Intermediate, Junior, and Senior divisions.
  • Rules 1.01 & 3.17 - Permits Tee Ball and Instructional Minor Divisions to utilize up to three coaches.
  • Rules 1.01, 4.04, 4.16, 4.17 & 6.05 - Permits a local league to start and play games with eight (8) players on each team. If implemented, the local league will determine if teams will be charged an out for the ninth (9th) position or skip over the ninth (9th) position without penalty. (Interleague: No out will be recorded)
  • Rules 2.00, 3.04 & 7.14 - For the Regular Season, allows a local league to implement a courtesy runner for the pitcher and/or catcher of record when there are two (2) outs during the Regular Season. (Interleague: Adopted for all levels of baseball and softball)
  • Rule 6.08(a) - Allows a defensive team to “intentionally walk” a batter at any time during the at-bat in the Minor and Major Divisions of Baseball or any Division of Softball.
  • Rule 8.01(g) A.R. 2 (Softball) - Permits the pitcher to remove from the pitcher’s plate with either foot first prior to the hands being brought together.
  • Rule 8.01 and 8.05 (Softball) - Revises the penalty for an illegal pitch within the Junior and Senior Softball Divisions to be a ball on the batter and no effect on any base runners.
  • 9.04(a) - Permits the plate umpire to stand behind the catcher or pitcher during the Regular Season.
  • Tournament Teams - Permits leagues to enter more than one tournament team, provided the teams are deemed fair and balanced, with District Administrator approval.
  • Tournament Managers and Coaches - Permits Little League Baseball (Major) Division managers and/or coaches to be eligible for selection to manage/coach an Intermediate (50-70) Baseball Division Tournament team.
  • Tournament Release of Names - Permits leagues to release the names of players selected to a tournament team on or after May 15.
  • Tournament Player Eligibility - Allows players to be eligible for selection to a Tournament team based on age, not division of play during the Regular Season.
  • Tournament Player Eligibility - Removes 60% game requirement and replaces it with 8 games (6 games for Seniors)
  • Tournament Player Eligibility - Permits a player to be selected to a second tournament team once their tournament team is eliminated from the Little League International Tournament. The player must meet the requirements as outlined and be selected to a tournament team.
  • Tournament Schedules - Revises the date when schedules must be finalized to be June 20 or two (2) weeks prior to the start of tournament (whichever is earliest).
  • Tournament Schedules - Sanctions one (1) doubleheader per Tournament level for 8- to 10-Year-Old, 9- to 11-Year-Old, and Little League Baseball Divisions.
  • Tournament Team Practice - Revises the date when leagues may hold tournament try-outs and when tournament teams may hold practices to be May 15.
  • Tournament Must Play to Advance - Requires District Administrators to approve any tournament team advancing from one level to a higher level without play.


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